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Integrated Modules for Law Enforcement

Approximately thirty-five PCI modules and sub-modules are currently available, including full support for Bookings, comprehensive Jail Management, Records Management, UCR and NIBRS Incident Reporting, Criminal Warrants, Case Management, Civil Process, Citations, Evidence and Property, and many more.

Jail Management System (JMS)

Bookings Intake for a new detainee starts with the entry of biographical, basic arrest information and other pertinent data relating to the arrest transaction. This information includes names, aliases, descriptors, scars, marks, tattoos, photographs, and all other related information.

Bookings Queue module provides a flexible and configurable workflow management tool for handling offender processing during intake and release. The Booking Queue displays the progress of each Booking in accordance with process steps defined by the local agency's operating procedures. The Release Queue section displays the offenders who are currently in the Release process or whose scheduled release date is imminent.

Bookings module provides access to all aspects of the total Booking arrest transaction, and provides the user with a complete, consolidated screen containing all of the data related to the inmate. Smaller jails may require only the Bookings module for their operations. Complete intake processing for new detainees can be completed in Bookings, consistent with local agency process requirements.

Batch Inmate Movement module provides jails with an efficient method of managing inmate movement within the facility, and for court appearances, recreational moves, program appointments, and other moves requiring multiple inmate moves at predetermined scheduled times or on an unscheduled basis.

Inmate Watch module is used to add offenders to a watch list, monitor and report the remaining time interval for each watch, and record date, time, and officer comments for inmate watches, unit well-being checks, housing rounds, or other periodically recurring scheduled staff activities.

Jail Incidents module is used to manage the complete process for handling offender-specific or facility-wide incidents or grievances that occur in the facility. Multi-level approval workflow is included.

Flag Notifier module provides a configurable mechanism to send automated email and mobile device alerts to designated jail staff based on alert flags added to inmate Jackets. Critical medical conditions, dangers, outstanding warrants, and other situations can be configured for immediate notification.

Dashboard module provides a mechanism to send automated email and mobile device Dashboard snapshots to designated jail staff and other users on a periodic basis. The Dashboard can be configured to include inmate counts and statistics for housing units, holding cells, court locations, work crews, and period statistics for total incarcerations, releases, average days in custody, and related information.

Records Management System (RMS)

Civil Papers module automates all civil paper and associated service processes. Papers are entered as they are received from the courts, tracking complainant, case type, single or multiple defendants, and attorney information. For multiple defendants, each service is tracked individually.

Warrants module provides a complete system for managing all outstanding and historical criminal warrants, and tracking associated warrant service history. The module is integrated with other Police Central modules and Jackets, alerting the warrant service officer of prior arrests, other outstanding warrants, gang affiliations, and other dangers.

NCIC & State Interfaces module manages query and submission to NCIC and various state warrants and "hotfiles" systems for Wanted Persons.

Incident Reports module supports FBI requirements for agencies to prepare UCR and NIBRS incident reports and file statistics with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Prepares a standardized Incident Report containing complainant, victim, witness, vehicle, property and disposition information. Full narrative, including supplemental reports. The Stolen/Recovered Property index is fully searchable. Optional sub-modules provide automated UCR or NIBRS submission to State agencies or FBI.

Citations module provides an integrated system to manage all citations issued by the agency. Drop-down lists for charges facilitate consistent data entry, automatic calculation of total fines and fees, including DUI charges, court costs, no-show fines, and victim assistance funds. Complete reporting, including court docket, cash receipts and other administrative reports.

Field Interviews module manages Field Interviews and Intelligence information in a fully searchable and integrated system. The module captures full biographical information, vehicle data, interview details, associates and associations, and a complete narrative.

Evidence & Property module provides an integrated system to manage crime scene evidence and agency property room items. Configurable drop-down lists are provided for property types, brands, and colors, to facilitate consistent data entry and reporting. The module supports serial numbers, property photographs, and chain of custody information. Complete reporting, including property destruction orders, cash receipts and other administrative reports are provided.

LineUps module is the premier investigative electronic LineUps solution available on the market today. The module leverages the Police Central Jackets structure to facilitate populating electronic LineUps with other individuals with similar physical characteristics and demographics as the suspect. Intuitive user interface controls are provided to allow the investigator to prepare an electronic LineUp with all individuals' photos being of similar size, brightness, contrast, and hue.

Staff module manages agency sworn and civilian staff information, including photographs, biographical data, addresses, emergency contacts, assigned property, skills, certifications, and other information.

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