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About Police Central, Inc.

Police Central, Inc. (PCI), established in 1997, is a privately held Georgia Corporation headquartered in Atlanta. PCI is the creator, developer and owner of Web-based software designed specifically for Law Enforcement. PCI is dedicated to and serves only the Law Enforcement marketplace. A comprehensive range of fully integrated modules is available from PCI, meeting the functional and operational requirements of agencies of all sizes.

Approximately thirty-five PCI modules and submodules are currently available, including full support for Arrest & Booking, comprehensive Jail Management, Records Management, UCR and NIBRS Incident Reporting, Criminal Warrants, Case Management, Civil Process, Citations, Evidence & Property, and many more.

Police Central's customer base includes Law Enforcement Agencies in many states, including the City of Atlanta Police Department and the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections, which regularly use one or more PCI products. Other agency customers range in size from small Police Departments and Sheriff's Offices, to some of the larger agencies in the nation. Total employee population in these agencies approaches 20,000, with over 15,000 sworn officers who are served and supported by the functions provided by the Police Central Web-based software solutions.

Technology Platform

Police Central was one of the first companies to leverage Web-based technologies for law enforcement. Our software platform utilizes Microsoft Windows Server running Internet Information Services (IIS) and SQL Server. Even though the application is based on web technologies, it is designed to run internally on a customer's local network. Client PCs access Police Central using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Using this technology, Police Central is able to provide remote support, upgrades and modifications with minor impact on users and client machines.

All Police Central modules are fully integrated. Thus, the Booking module will reference the Warrants module to search for outstanding warrants during intake. When new warrants are entered, the Warrants module will search for previous bookings to determine if the subject has prior arrests. This gives the operator a chance to link the booking records and new warrant at the click of a mouse using Police Central's exclusive Jacket technology. All information relating to a person is maintained in a Jacket, including multiple names, addresses, aliases, SSNs, DLs, and other biographical information for that person. This feature allows Police Central to provide a wealth of information to an investigator including prior arrests, warrants, citations, medical, property and vehicle information.

Part of the installation process is customization for your local jurisdiction. Localization of arrest charges, agency ORI numbers, cities and other information are a part of the initial deployment. As these values change and evolve, Police Central provides tools such as the Config module to the administration staff for keeping the system up to date. As always, support is available for assistance with this ongoing system configuration.

In addition to standard network security on a customer's network, we maintain our own Police Central application security process. Some of the rights available to users are View Only, Add, Modify, or Delete privileges as determined by the system administrator.

Another key benefit and feature of Police Central security is the Audit Log. This module tracks all actions within Police Central -- including who created, modified, viewed, printed, or deleted a record. Using the Audit Log, administrators can determine what changes were made to a record, when, and by which user ID authorized to perform the action.

Finally, Police Central easily interfaces with other applications and vendors that are commonly used in corrections facilities. For example, using technologies such as Web Services and XML, we can integrate with LiveScan devices, commissary applications, inmate medical records systems, and inmate phone systems.

As technologies evolve, requirements change, and vendors come and go, Police Central is built to last, with the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment.

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